Rules & Regulations

  1. Students have to wear clean and decent dress or college uniform.
  2. Each student has to wear ID card and foot wears compulsorily during college hours.
  3. Students are to be punctual. Late comers will not be allowed to attend the classes. Action will be taken against them.
  4. Only two students are allowed to travel in two wheelers (One who drives and another a pillioner). Violators will be penalized.
  5. Change of address of the parents or guardian should be immediately reported to the office for correct communication.
  6. Model moral behavior is expected from Students.
  7. The students should behave in a disciplined manner with all.
  8. Loitering on the verandah, disfiguration or disturbing furniture and writing on walls or desks are strictly. Students violating this rule will be Charged heavily.
  9. Students shall observe strict silence while at work in the class room, laboratories and library.
  10. Students while moving from one classroom to another, shall do so in an orderly manner without making noise.Students damaging the college properties such as buildings (windows, doors etc.) furniture, switch boards, lights, toilet fittings, laboratory materials, library books and buses will be severely punished and the cost of material loss will be recovered from them.
  11. Students are instructed to see the notice board regularly to get information on the college affairs. Failure to see the notice board will not be considered as an excuse.
  12. Students can represent their grievances to the principal orally or in writing.
  13. Students should not organize meeting without the permission of the principal. Students violating this rule will be dealt with seriously and may be dismissed from the college if it is illegal in nature.
  14. No subscription of any kind shall be collected by any student without the written permission of the principal.
  15. Use of tobacco or alcohols is totally prohibited in the college campus. Any violation of this may lead to severe punishment.
  16. Use of cell phone in the college campus is not permitted. If anyone found using cell phone, the instrument will be ceased and will be returned only at the end of the academic year. Further, the students are advised not to bring the cell phone.
  17. Students are to maintain discipline inside and outside the class room and in the college campus.
  18. Students should behave with the lectures obediently and respectfully. The decision of the lectures regarding discipline of the students in the classroom is final.
  19. Students are normally permitted to leave the class room only during interval and lunch time. No students should leave the classroom either without permission or till teacher leaves the room.
  20. Students should sit only in the places assigned to them.
  21. Students are instructed to use the library whenever they are free during the college timings.
  22. Roaming in the verandah during class hours by students is not permitted.
  23. Fees once paid will not be refunded.
  24. Transfer certificate and conduct certificate will not be issued unless all the dues to the institution are paid.
  25. Students should never indulge in ragging. Such incidences, if noted, the concerned students will be expelled from the college and will be handed over to the police for further action.
  26. Students violating the rule and regulations will be punished severely.
  27. Copying of any kind the examination hall is liable for severe punishment and will be debarred either for all the examination of that semester or for future semester examinations.
  28. Misbehavior of students in the examination hall is liable for severe punishment.
  29. Students should bring only their parents or their guardians (approved by the parents) with them to the college for any matters relating to the college affairs.
  30. The principal's decision shall be final in the matters relating to punishment.