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Department of BCA


Department of BCA stamped its print in MASS College of Arts & Science fraternity from the Academic year 2005 with the aim to develop core competence in the field of computer science and prepare the students to carry out development work and to take up the challenges in research. It has a dedicated team of teaching faculty with good academic record. BCA has special feature in its curriculum that it focuses on Accountancy and costing papers. So that students can set to any application oriented environment. The Computer Lab includes highly configured computer resources with Windows and Linux OS with Dual Core Processors.
Educational Outcomes

  • Graduates will ascertain themselves as successful professionals by solving real problems by using Computational techniques
  • Graduates can have fundamental principles and methods of Computer Application and Software for developing complex application
  • Graduates will reveal their ability to adopt to a rapidly changing environment by learn new innovation technologies
Specific Outcomes
  • Ability to analyze a Software problem by using Software Engineering technique and Design, formulate and obtaining solution to the problem
  • Ability to adopt modern IT environment and learn current development technology in the career to become an IT engineers or pursue their higher studies
  • An understanding of Computational professionalism by means of legal, ethical and social responsibilities.
Important Theory Subjects
  • Programming Languages are C, C++ and JAVA
  • Office Automation
  • Operating system
  • Data Communication & Computer Networks
  • Data Structures & r algorithm.
  • Software engineering
  • Computer graphics.
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Principles of Accountancy
  • Cloud Computing

S.No Name Designation E-mail Photo
1. Mrs. Saranya K Assistant Professor sranyak@mass.edu.in
2. Ms. Durga P Assistant Professor durgap@mass.edu.in
3. Ms.Sivasankari.S Assistant Professor sivasankaris@mass.edu.in


  • The students represent college in various extra curricular activities at both collegiate and intercollegiate competitions.
  • They are encouraged to participate in Seminars/Symposiam conducted in the city.
  • They are motivated to make models and charts for the department using their imagination and creativity.
  • The members of the Staff are continuously involved in Faculty Improvement Programmes, Seminars, Symposia, Workshops and relevant Research activities.
  • The Department arranges Field trips/Study tours to support the curriculum.


  • Academic projects are assigned to the students in the final year to develop interpersonal and real time development skills.
  • Fifth semester students will be given the mini project where the student are supposed to do a mini project with the basic technology.
  • Sixth semester students are supposed to do a real time projects with the high end technology.
  • Each student is been assigned a project guide
  • Students are supposed to submit the project report as per the specification given by the Guide


Continuous efforts are made to strike an appropriate balance between the students’ classroom activities and out-of-classroom activities. They work hard in class, but also channel their energies into diverse activities such as organizing seminars, and guest lectures on contemporary issues, participating in inter-college competitions, etc. They are also encouraged to form informal groups and clubs based on their areas of interest, share information, and exchange ideas. The students also organize annual meets, which offer them an opportunity to interact closely with other colleges. Active student involvement is encouraged in activities like: Group Discussions; Games; Debates; Sports Meets; Elocution; Quizzes; Seminars; Sessions; Skits & Plays; Cultural Meets; Publications/Magazines These activities help students to Improve their communication skills; Develop the right kind of attitudes; Enhance their leadership qualities and abilities; Work in high pressure; environments; Learn to manage stress; Emerge as team players; Develop group skills; Improve creativity and Become result-oriented. They have interlink with the Google Developer Team ,the developer team trained the students based on their skills. To achieve this they have to form a student Community named as GEEK COMMUNITY, through this group they communicate with other College students to enhance and as well as to share their knowledge.
Placement Training
To meet the interview without fear the students are trained regularly by attend the mock interview and the skilled students share their knowledge with the other students .

Articles published

1) R.Thamizharasi, ”Multimodel Emotion Recognition from expressive faces, body gestures and speech based on neural networks” on TRANSITION FROM INTERTIA TO IMPLEMENTATION INA GLOBAL PERPECTIVE ..ISSN :123484705 vol:1 pg:282

2) R.Thamizharasi, 2. “Android Mobile Application Build on Android studio” on International Journal of Modern Computer Science (IJMCS) ,Volume 4, Issue 1, February, 2016 , ISSN: 2320-7868 (Online).

Book published

1) R.Thamizharasi, 1. “An Overview of operating system concepts” ISBN 81-8737-176-5

2) R.Thamizharasi, 2. “ Introduction to Data mining and Warehousing” ISBN 81-8737-175-7

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