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Department of Mathematics


The department strives to create an atmosphere of learning to enable the students to develop sound cognitive and problem solving skills. The goal is to promote perseverance to achieve strong numerical maturity geared to meet the career prospects available due to ICT revolution. To sensitise the students to discharge the duties in real life with honesty and social integrity. To inculcate quantitative and analytical skills so as to develop strong logical reasoning by stimulating human curiosity and to empower rural women with sound analytical and reasoning to face head on the highly competitive world. the department organizes workshops, State / National / International Conferences as well as a Scholar in Residence Programme to update and share knowledge on recent advances in Mathematics. The Department also has a varied collection of Text books and Reference books which are lent to the students for their reference. The Department has a LCD projector which is used for class room teaching and Mathematics Association activities.

The objectives of the Department are

  • To develop logical thinking, analytical reasoning and problem-solving skills in students
  • To meet the growing demand in the Industrial, Marketing, Communication Sectors, etc
  • To widen their knowledge horizons through research
  • To prepare students to have a sound foundation in Mathematics
  • To enable the students to appreciate the intrinsic aspects of Mathematics
  • To introduce realistic applications of Mathematics in related Sciences
  • To cultivate the skills which will enable the students to continue in self-education.
  • To pass on the passion for Mathematics to the younger generation
  • To familiarize students with the universal language of Mathematics precise in symbolic vocabulary, abstractions, generalizations and conventions.
  • To enhance the Mathematical maturity in them with in depth knowledge in pure and applied branches of Mathematics.
  • To make them competent, resourceful, employable and empowered to adopt to changes
  • To keep students abreast of the current and conversant in the recent development in the field.
  • To encourage students to become techno savvy with a perception widened by Mathematics.
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1. Mrs.Elakkiya C Hod elakiyac@mass.edu.in
2. Ms. Renuka V Assistant Professor renukav@mass.edu.in

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