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National Service Scheme

Formed in 1969, the ultimate goal of the National Service Scheme is to foster national integration and social harmony. Its motto 'Not Me, But You' is based on the idea that the welfare of the individual is directly related to the welfare of society. The symbol of the NSS, the giant Rath Wheel stands for continuity as well as change and symbolizes the continuous striving of the NSS for social change.

Through a wide range of service schemes, the NSS helps students to understand the community in which they work, to identify its needs and problems and to use their knowledge to find practical solutions to individual and community problems. The NSS creates in the students a sense of social and civic responsibility and fosters over all personality development and leadership qualities.

The NSS unit of the college endeavors
  • To create social awareness leading to effective action.
  • To be actively and constructively involved in the needs and problems of the community and thus become agents of social change.
  • To strengthen the spirit of service and sacrifice in the youth of the nation
  • To train students towards responsible leadership,
  • To develop the personality of the students through community service.

These objectives are realized through various projects under the guidance and supervision of the NSS Officer and her team.The regular activities of the NSS include working in old age homes and orphanages and working with the visually challenged and the differently abled. NSS volunteers also work in slum areas for the education of children and youth and the empowerment of the poor, especially women.

Besides a 7-day residential annual camp the NSS unit also organizes dental and/or eye camps, veterinary camps, blood donation camps and health camps. Students also do volunteer work in the Income Tax office and voice record books for the use of the visually challenged. They also participate in a variety of cultural programmes and competitions and frequently volunteer their services for college functions.

Red Ribbon Club

The red ribbon is a symbol for drunk driving prevention, drug prevention, and for the fight against AIDS. The Red Ribbon Foundation and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) are examples of organizations that utilize the red ribbon symbol. MADD is an organization founded in 1980 whose mission is to stop drunk driving, support the victims of this violent crime and prevent underage drinking. Red Ribbon International is an organization founded in 1993 whose main purpose is the education about prevention of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Related Complex, ARC and AIDS.

The Red Ribbon portal should be the first port of call for anyone seeking further information on HIV and AIDS. A Metropolitan Foundation project, it offers one of the most comprehensive information resources available on HIV disease. The information is practical and easy to understand and covers everything from how to protect yourself from getting HIV to how to live positively if you have already contracted the disease and where to get legal advice or counselling support.

The Red Ribbon Club, functioning in our college, is a voluntary on-campus intervention programme for students. It is initiated and supported by the State AIDS Control Society and implemented through multi-sectoral collaboration, particularly, using the services of cadre officers of the State's National Service Scheme (NSS).

The programme will address the knowledge, attitude and behavior of the youths in the interrelated areas of Voluntary Blood Donation, HIV & AIDS prevention, as demanded by their age, environment, and life style. The Red Ribbon Club will serve as a complementary and comprehensive prevention intervention to support and reinforce similar youth led initiatives. It will also prepare and promote youth peer educators within and outside the campuses.

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