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Examination Structure

Passing Requirement K-Scheme

A candidate shall be declared to have passed the examination in a subject if he/she secures not less then 40% in theory/drawing subject and 50% in practical subject out of the total prescribed maximum marks including both the sessional and the Board Examination marks put together, subject to the condition that he/she has secured at least minimum of 30 marks out of 75 marks in the Board's Theory/Drawing and a minimum of 35 marks out of 75 marks in the Board Practical Examination.

Continuous Internal Assessment Theory

Continuous Internal Assessment marks has been introduced for a total of 25 marks, Which are to be distributed as follows: (i)Attendence 5 marks Award of marks for attendence will be as per the range given below.

  • 80% - 83% 1Mark
  • 84% - 87% 2Marks
  • 88% - 91% 3Marks
  • 92% - 95% 4Marks
  • 96% - 100% 5Marks

(ii)Test 3 tests each of 2hours duration for a total of 30 marks is to be conducted out of which the best two will be taken and the marks to be reduced to 10. (iii)Assignment For each subject three Assignments are to be given each for 20 marks and the average marks scored should be reduced for 10 marks.


The internal assessment mark calculation for practical subject is given as fllows

a) Attendance (evaluation pattern same as Theory) 5 Marks
b) Procedure/Observation and Tabulation/other related practical work 10 Marks
c) Result 5 Marks
d) Record Writing 5 Marks
- Total 25 Marks

The internal assessment mark calculation for practical subject is given as fllows They should have studied the related subjects in addition to either mathematics/ physics/ chemistry. Candidates who have passed the higher secondary course with subjects like mathematics and science are eligible for admission in the second year of the Diploma Course in any one of the following branches of Engineering i.e., Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics, Computer Technology, Electronics and Communication.

a)Internal Assessment Mark for Project Work & Viva Voce:
Project Review I(V Sem) 5 Marks
Project Review II(VI Sem) 5 Marks
Project Review III(VI Sem) 10 Marks
Attendance 5 Marks
Total 25 Marks
b)Project Work & Viva Voce in Board Examination:
Viva Voce 15 Marks
Project Report 10 Marks
Demonstration 15 Marks
Applicability of the Project 5 Marks
Total 45 Marks
Written Test Mark from 3 topics of 1 hour duration
Entrepreneurship 5 questions x 2 Marks 10 Marks
Environment Management 5 questions x 2 Marks 10 Marks
Disaster Management 5 questions x 2 Marks 10 Marks
Total 30 Marks
A candidate will be permitted to appear for the Board Examination Only if,
  • He/She secures 80% of attendance in the subject concerned.
  • He/She earns a progress certificate in studies from the head of the institution for having satisfactorily completed the course of study prescribed as required by the regulations.
  • His/Her conduct has been satisfactory.
  • Parent/Student can login and view the attendance status as on date by entering the REGISTER NUMBER of the student at www.tndte.gov.in
Condonation of Attendance

The minimum overall percentage of attendance (in all subjects of the current semester put together) required for a candidate to become eligible to write the Board's Examination is 80%. Under extraordinary circumstances, if there exists genuine and valid reasons, the principal of the college has been empowered by the chairman, to condone upto a maximum of 5% shortage to a candidate.

Condonation of Attendance
  • Regular Students admitted in first year - 6 years
  • H.S.C Vacational Students admitted in III - Semester - 5 years
  • H.S.C Academic Students admitted in III - Semester - 5 years
Criteria For Pass

No candidate shall be eligible for the award of Diploma unless he/she has undergone the prescribed course of study successfully in an institution approved by AICTE and affiliated to the State Board of Technical Education & Training, and pass all the subjects prescribed in the scheme of examinations.

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