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About Us

MASS Teacher Training Institution is situated in the chennai salai. It is just 11 km from kumbakonam New Bus stand. The building is designed by a famous architect and has full facilities. It is run by M.A.S. Subbaiah Chettiar Educational and Charitable Trust. The College built-in area of 42,000 sq.ft and with fully equipped Labs.

NCTE - (Order No.F.TN/-ELE/711/SRO/NCTE/2004-05/7154)
DTERT (R.C.No. 1248 / C1 / 2005 dated 10.11.2006)

NCTE - (Order No. SRO/NCTE/50/TN.-AL/2005-06/2465)
DTERT (R.C.No. 1248 / C1 / 2005 dated 30.12.2005)


E-Monitoring Reports From NCTE

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The duration of the course is two academic years with 220 working days in a year. In the first year the transaction takes place for about 1100 hours.

Aims of the College
  • Character formation
  • Academic Excellence
  • Physical Development
  • Skill based training (ABL Method)

The unique features of the college are teaching informative, innovative and interactive. The students feel happy to be in the college environment.

  • Humanity.
  • Cultural Preservation.
  • Democratic Style of approach.
  • Social Justice.
  • Team Spirit.
  • Punctuality.

Aims at the preparation of committed teachers whose professionalism would enable them to sustain their learning interest throughout their career. The present curriculum has a paradigm shift from the teacher to the learner and from the focus on teaching methods to ways and means of facilitating and enhancing learning by children. Interestingly, the major thrust is given to the different and unique ways in which children learn rather than the existing methods of teaching tried uniformly on children with diverse learning abilities and backgrounds. This are all above content follow our Institution

The Diploma in Teacher Education course has the following objectives as per the Gazette. At the end of the course, the teacher trainee will be able to

  • understand the nature, purpose, problems and issues of elementary education,

  • evolve need-based, community-specific and child-centered pedagogy including indigenous learning systems,

  • understand the nature and maturity level of children for imparting education for their many sided development,

  • to mobilize and manage community resources for the development of school infrastructure,

  • use the constructivist pedagogy and evaluation techniques,

  • develop desire, taste and capacity for life-long learning and make them aware of the latest developments in their areas of specialization and the needed transactional skills,

  • understand the advantages of ICT and use the same for facilitating student learning,

  • develop sensitivity towards the education of the neglected sections of society who are deprived of the rights they are entitled to and

  • Participate in the effective management of the school.
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Contact Information

MASS Teacher Training Institute
Chennai Salai, Kallapuliyur Village

Phone:( 0435 ) 2400299
Cell:+91 9487400191
Fax: 0435 - 2453399
Email: mass@masscollege.in
Website: www.masscollege.in

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