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The Library contains materials and information relevant to all courses taught at the College. You will find a large well equipped Library at College Campus. There are more then 10,000 books and an extensive collection of music CDs.

All students enrolled at Library can use the Library Resources and its facilities. The College ID card also functions as a Library card - as soon as your course starts your Library membership is activated, all you need to do is bring your card to the Library in order to start borrowing.

Much more than a library, access to online resources, and varied software packages, (including Photoshop on a limited number of machines) and the Microsoft Office Suite. There are five multi-functional devices in the LRC which function as printers (both black and white and color), photocopiers.

As well as the physical resources available in the Library there are also lots of online resources which the Library provides via the Library Portal. This means that students can access e-books, subscription websites, online journals, magazine databases and other online resources, both from Inside College and from home, to help with study and support teaching and learning. Library staff can show users how to access these resources. MASS College offer full e-learning support to all students.

Library Facility

A comfortable and spacious seating arrangement provides a complete academic atmosphere in each library where students can sit and concentrate. The catalogue of books helps students to identify their needs and quick reference. It is updated regularly as the new books are added. A Display Board has also been provided in the Library where students can view interesting articles and news-clippings directly.

Objectives of the Library

The main objective of the library is to provide documents, information and environment that can be helpful in imparting education, promoting research and development thereby leading to improved patient care.

Admission to the Library

  1. All staffs and students are members of the library.
  2. Personal belongings like files, folders, bags, jerkins, umbrella, issued books etc are not allowed inside the library.
  3. Students/staffs should sign in the Gate Register while entering into the library.
  4. Complete silence is to be observed inside the library.
  5. All members of the library are entitled to produce their ID card when the library staffs demand for checking. Books will be issued only on production of ID card.
  6. Damage and misuse of Library materials and Equipments is not allowed.
  7. Library is functioning under Open Access System.
  8. The arrangement of chairs and other furniture in the reading area should not disturb.
  9. Non- Adherence to any of the rules or any other malpractices by any member shall involve withdrawal of library facilities in accordance with the instructions of the Principal.
  10. Transfer certificate will be issued only after the production of No Due Certificate from the Librarian.

Departmental Libraries

  1. Every department can borrow few books for ready reference. Only those books, which have more than one copy, can be issued to the department against the signature of the departmental head. If single copy, will be kept in reference section only.
  2. All the departmental books would be available in the department for ready reference.
  3. A proper record will have to be kept by the department for these books and department will be responsible for them.

Services Rendered by the Library

  1. Reference Sections
  2. Bibliographic Sections
  3. Circulation Sections
  4. Literature Review Sections
  5. Lending Book Sections
  6. Book-Bank Sections
  7. Current Periodicals Sections
  8. Back Volume Sections
  9. Audio Video Sections
  10. New Arrival Sections
  11. Reprographic Sections
S.No Details Nos.
1. Total No. of books with Multiple Copies 10548
2. Total No. of Titles 4846
3. Total No. of Magazines 18
4. Total No. of Journals 25
5. Thesis & Dissertations 267
6. Reference Books 756

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