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Department of Tamil

The department of Tamil Language specializes in the fields of Lexicography, Grammar,Translation,Stylistics, Discourse analysis, Linguistics, Literary Criticism, and Publishing. The department of Tamil Literature specializes in Literary Studies,Grammar, Linguistics Folklore,Translation,Mass media and Comparative Literature to evolve a holistic study of Tamil Culture. The Tamil department specialized in Classical Tamil Literature,Folklore, Tirukkural Studies and Comparative Grammar. It published the much reputed annals of Oriental Research and Tamil dictionary. The department continuously conducts seminars, workshops and conferences to enrich the student's knowledge in Tamil literature. Inter-department, intra-department and inter-collegiate competitions are conducted to enhance the various skills of the students. The faculty members update their knowledge by pursuing higher studies, presenting papers in conferences, publishing articles in Journals and authoring books. Along with academic teaching, steps are taken to tap the talent of students--elocution, poem writing, essay writing and other literary competitions are conducted every year. Students are motivated to participate in Tamil related programmes in the mass media. To provide value-added education and training to students in Tamil Language. To encourage research for the development of Tamil Language to cope up with the modern social needs.To train the Tamil students and researchers in the developmental activities of Tamil language to cater the needs of the Tamil speech community.

  • To bring awareness among our students about Tamil as one of the Classical Languages.
  • To inculcate the right pronunciation of Tamil language.
  • To enhance the understanding of the language and its rich literature.
  • To impart the values and realities of life and make them socially conscious through the Literature.
  • To comprehend the Linguistic aspects and variations in style through Ancient Tamil Grammar.
  • To compare and translate the literature of other languages into Tamil.
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1. Dr. Manimozhi. M Hod manimolim@mass.edu.in
2. Mr. Boovananathan. G Assistant Professor mboovanan@mass.edu.in
3. Dr. Iyyappan P Assistant Professor ippayapp@mass.edu.in
4. Dr. Murugan K Assistant Professor murugank@mass.edu.in

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